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Digital Detox: 5 Tips On How To Effectively Quit Your Tech

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There’s no doubt that technology plays a vital role in our workday and everyday life. It DOES make our lives so much easier.

However, there’s a price that comes with it.

As we become more and more attached to our digital devices— spending hours on texting, chatting, tweeting, surfing, gaming— the more our physical and mental health cannot keep up.

Too much screen time can lead to eye strain, headaches, as well as muscle and joint pain. Especially when you’re hunched over your desk, you can physically strain several areas of your body, especially your neck, back and spine. It can also lead to a lack of physical inactivity, which is considered the is one of the most significant causes of death in New Zealand, estimated to cause 12.7 percent of all deaths in the country alone.

What is Digital Detox? Is it really possible to unplug from all the tech?

We understand that it’s nearly impossible to remove all tech and digital devices from your life. That is just unrealistic, especially if your work requires you to be digitally active every day.

With that being said, Digital Detox is more of a ‘timeout’ of using your gadgets and apps. It’s like having a break when you need it, or when you have the opportunity to do so.

Here are some tips on how to effectively do this:

#1 Filter apps and pages that really matter.

It’s nice to be updated, but not on everything. Filter apps that really matter— if it’s for work, or if it’s really needed, then you can turn on the notifications. Also, unfollowing people or pages that you don’t actually need is a good strategy to lessen your newsfeed. Think like Marie Kondo—  “Does this app, person or page bring joy or contribute something in my life? If not, better unfollow.”

#2 Set a daily time limit for browsing or using social media.

Constantly checking  your phone can be addicting. There’s just so many things going on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube that sometimes hours won’t be enough to take all these information in.  To remedy this, set a specific time of day to check each and a time limit for how long you’ll spend on it, such as 20-30 minutes a day. No matter what, stick to the schedule. This way you’ll be the one in control of your time, and not your apps controlling you.

#3 Don’t use your gadgets during meals.

When you are enjoying a meal with family and friends, it’s best to put away your tablet or phone. Your focus should be on bonding with those close to you, not looking on your social media newsfeed.

#4 Your gadgets need to sleep before you do.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you might still be exposed from the blue light that comes from your phone or tablet. Blue lights from electronics trick your brain into staying awake, so consider powering down your devices at least an hour before you go to bed. You’ll likely relax easier and may sleep better this way.

#5 You can experience greater moments without the gadgets.

The word ‘fun’ does not only exist in the virtual world, you know. Imagine all the things you can do when you’re not in front of your phone, tablet or laptop. You can be at the beach relaxing, you can go to the amusement park together with friends or family, you can exercise or do yoga,  take a road trip, learn a new skill or even do charity work.

You see, with the help of  digital detox we can experience an existence without too much ‘virtual’ distractions. This can help us to be more present in the real world, in real experiences, in real relationships— instead of focusing too much on what we see on our gadgets and apps.

Do these tips today and lead a healthier and happier life!

For a whole new level of detox, chiropractic ensures your nervous system and body is functioning optimally. Schedule an appointment with us at Hibiscus Chiropractic, call or text 022 3914994.


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