Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Loved One With Back Pain

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Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone in your life that’s experiencing back pain? If you are, then you’re at the right place.

Seeing your loved one struggle with back pain can be heart-wrenching.

Not only does back pain stop them from doing the things they love to do, this can also negatively affect their work and home life. Even sleeping can be hard sometimes.

Fortunately, there are a variety of things that can help give them comfort and relief.  In this article we’ll recommend the following gift ideas for people with back pain:

A yoga class membership. Back pain can sometimes be the result of weak muscles surrounding the back and spine. Strengthening these through core exercises and stretching can help prevent future aches and pains.

An ergonomic chair. If your loved one does a lot of sitting at work or home, a chair designed to support the spine is a necessity. This will give them comfort while promoting a healthy spine alignment throughout the day.

Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows. This is a cheaper alternative compared to buying mattresses. The memory foam helps achieve a perfect cushion mechanism and adjustable ones makes it perfect for any sleeping position.

Massage Balls and foam rollers. These help target  back muscles that are usually hard to reach. Not only do they get rid of muscle knots, but it also helps in reducing pain in the said areas.

A massage or acupuncture session. This is perfect for a relaxing and soothing experience, though you probably need to ask them if they have any issues with needles or with massages.

A chiropractic checkup. If your loved one is accustomed to taking painkillers for his or her back issues, you probably want to introduce a safer alternative to them. That is, chiropractic care.

Depending on the case, your loved one may be required to have an X-ray scan to accurately diagnose the condition and rule out any postural abnormalities and misalignments that are contributing to the pain.

Once your chiropractor has evaluated the condition, your loved one will be provided with a chiropractic plan with goals and recommendations to improve the condition. This may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue healing, strengthening exercises, stretches and massage. Our team of chiropractors are spine experts and if you know someone dealing with back pain, you can give us a text or call at 022 3914994 to schedule a visit.