Age is Just a Number with Chiropractic

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As the years roll by, our bodies start to speak to us a little louder. The body seems to confirm that old age is coming up, whether it’s the small stiffness in the back when you wake up or the persistent soreness in the shoulders after a long day at work. What if, however, we told you there was a way to turn back the clock? Discover the world of chiropractic care, where a person’s age is but a number.

The Spine and Ageing

As we age, our spine naturally experiences wear and tear. Discs become less flexible, joints may deteriorate, and our posture as a whole may change. Even though this is a natural process, Kiwis shouldn’t accept discomfort or diminished mobility as the norm as they approach their golden years.

Turning Back the Clock with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care gives older people a way to keep doing what they love and, in many circumstances, even regain their health and their lives! Here’s how chiropractic can help:

Pain management: Chronic pains, particularly in the neck and back, are frequently brought on by ageing. These discomforts are addressed by chiropractic adjustments, which provide a natural alternative to painkillers.

Increased Mobility: Regular chiropractic visits can help you feel more flexible and mobile. After a few sessions, older clients frequently say they feel more nimble and energetic.

Posture correction: It gets harder to keep our posture straight as we get older. Exercises and adjustments from chiropractors can help correct postural abnormalities.

Boosted Energy: Chiropractic care can help to enhance nerve function by addressing spinal misalignments, which results in more energy and vitality.

All these benefits are evident in a study published in 2018 [1]. It revealed that individuals over the age of 50 who engaged in consistent chiropractic care reported a 35% increase in their activity levels compared to their counterparts who didn’t. Plus, as all these areas improve for each individual, it will help reduce the risk of falls, slips, and other accidents.


As we become older, life doesn’t slow down, and neither should you. Age is just a representation of time, and it shouldn’t limit your potential. Don’t let it define what you can or cannot do. 

Continue to pursue your passions without any obstacles and embrace each year with the same zest, energy, and mobility. Try chiropractic today!

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1.Thompson, H. & Grant, F. (2018). The Impact of Chiropractic Care on Activity Levels in Older Adults. Journal of Spinal Health and Ageing, 5(3), 112-119.